Types of Arches



The Basket arch is a flattened arch whose ellipse like shape is determined by three arcs that are interconnected; with each radius being drawn from a different center. This arch is also known as a Semi elliptical arch or an Elliptical arch. This type of arch is mainly used in modern day building due to its simple design.
 Basket Arch



The Corbel arch is one of the oldest types of arch building, with certain projects dated back to 3000BC. A Corbel arch is a structure that spans an opening; this is done by having a successive course of masonry project farther inward as they rise on each side of the gap. These arches were named after the Corbel architectural style which is a style common for appearing as gargoyles on the side of churches and cathedrals in Europe.
 Corbe Arch



The flat arch is a straight horizontal arch consisting of reciprocally supportive wedge shaped blocks. Arches with small rise to span ratio. These arches are also known as Jack arches and are very similar to French arches. A French arch is also a flat arch constructed of wedge shaped materials but also have a center keystone.
 Flat or Jack Arch



A Gothic arch is a pointed arch; one which has a joint instead of a keystone at the apex. Gothic architecture, which the Gothic arch originated from, emerged after the Romanesque style of Norman architecture. The term Gothic architecture is used to describe building style which was used in the time period between 1200s and 1500s, when the arch was designed.
 Gothic Arch



The Horseshoe arch also called the Moorish arch and the keyhole arch is the traditional arch of the Islamic architecture. These arches are said to originate in Visigothic Spain. Horseshoe arches have an intrados that widens above the springing before narrowing to a rounded, lobed or pointed crown. Common in the 21st century building.
 Horseshoe Arch



The Ogee arch is a pointed arch which has an S- shaped curve on both sides. The Ogee style which this arch was founded from was introduce in the 1300’s and was popular throughout the late middle ages and in the fourteenth century in England. The style is also associated with the Venetian Gothic style and the arch also resembles the Gothic arch.
 Ogee Arch



A Roman arch is a very common and one of the first arch designs. This is a semicircular arch. Romans were architectural geniuses and build large structural buildings that carried a heavy load; this is where the arch came into the design to allow for opens while dispersing the weight evenly.
 Roman Arch



The Tudor arch is a low oblique or pointed arch; generally drawn from four centers. The four radii define the arch, starting from a small radius to switch from the left vertical to a large radius with its center in the right half of the opening to define the top portion of this arch. This is reflected on the opposite side of the arch.
 Tudor Arch



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